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Moon Hunters Lyria Two-Horns Watercolor

I feel like I'm becoming more confident with these little watercolor sketches. I really love drawing Lyria Two-Horns and gave this sketch the color treatment. Seems people like my work in color quite a bit. I guess I'll have to do a few more.

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Lyria Two-Horns Watercolor Sketch

My book Moon Hunters was just recently picked up by Action Lab. While I still have a ton of work to do to finish up the first arc before we solicit I am completely excited. What better way to celebrate that than to do a watercolor version of the first ever sketch of...

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Firestorm Watercolor Sketch

I love Firestorm. He was one of the first characters I feel in love with as a kid. One of the first comics I ever picked up. I mean.. his head is on fire. This black and white version of this sketch I did quite some time back but just loved it so much I've kept it...

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Matthew Childers – RobCon 2017

I'm so excited. After missing last year, I am back at Rob-Con 2017 in Bristol TN - July 29-30. I'm also excited to be bringing with me - comics, original art, prints and as ever my sketchbook for any of you looking for something truly unique. I'm also...

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Ashes of the Immortals

Ashes of the ImmortalsTravel to the far reaches of the galaxy to a distant world around a dim sun where science has managed to conquer death itself. Meet Rookie Investigator Nos as he is handed his first case since becoming a Constable for his District: The first...

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Hawk And A Handsaw Comic

Hawk And A Handsaw Enter a Superhero Insane Asylum comic in “Hawk and a Handsaw!” We all know you have to be a little crazy to put on a brightly colored costume and fight crime, but how exactly would a mental health care worker know who is the real deal and who...

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