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My name is Matthew Childers. I am a comic book artist, illustrator and writer. I have illustrated comics for Dynamite Comics, deCoubertain Publishing, and Adventures In Pulp. I am constantly pitching new story ideas with the amazing writer Jeremy Holt, as well as self publishing my fantasy epic Moon Hunters. When I’m not making comics, I am enjoying time with my amazing family and two kids. My self-established goal is to bring the fun back to comics with my classic, yet unique style.

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Moon Hunters Monthly Contest

Moon Hunters Monthly Giveaway! WIN THIS MOON HUNTERS SKETCH! Starting this month and every month I will run a contest to offer you a chance to win a free bit of Moon Hunter swag. This month one lucky winner will receive this amazing sketch of Lyria Two-Horns, the hero...

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Ashes of the Immortals

Ashes of the ImmortalsTravel to the far reaches of the galaxy to a distant world around a dim sun where science has managed to conquer death itself. Meet Rookie Investigator Nos as he is handed his first case since becoming a Constable for his District: The first...

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Hawk And A Handsaw Comic

Hawk And A Handsaw Enter a Superhero Insane Asylum comic in “Hawk and a Handsaw!” We all know you have to be a little crazy to put on a brightly colored costume and fight crime, but how exactly would a mental health care worker know who is the real deal and who...

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