So inspired by the amazing Jake Parker I’ve been going back to playing with watercolors and having a blast. The idea is that I take my black and white one-off sketches and print them out on glorious high quality paper and make them pop with the watercolor. I am absolutely loving and having fun with this. It’s a great way to give some of my older pieces new life and to inspire me to do new work. In this case I took a t-shirt design I did and I wanted to see how far I could push it. I got very playful on the skull using some cool blues and greens in the eye sockets that really came out fresh.

I will be adding this and a slew of other pieces to my store in the future so if you like this piece and want to add it to your collection and don’t want to miss out feel free to email me at and we can discuss price. All requests before they hit the store will be given a discount.

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