Inktober Day 6 – Little Hercules Triumphant?

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Little Hercules was a little too proud at times. Especially when he reveled in his apparent triumph after decapitating the many heads of the Lernean Hydra. Little did he know the true strength and powers of this mythical beast. For as he stood reveling in his false victory, the Lernean Hydra’s grew back two heads for every one that Hercules had chopped off with the mighty sword Anaklusmos.

This is another piece in the Little Hercules illustrations I did for Inktober 2017. Not long after this I realized I needed to scaled back the size of what I was doing for Inktober as I needed more time for projects I was behind on. But worry not. I am planning on revisiting the Little Hercules work and turning it into a fun coffee table book of sorts or kid storybook about the 12 Labours of Little Hercules.

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