Inktober Day 7 – A curious yet shy Ewok

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Little Wicket Warrick the curious yet shy Ewok, became one of the galaxy’s most important and famous little furry creature, when he rescued princess Leia and helped the rebellion take down the Empires shield generator on the forest moon of Endor. His bravery helped distract the garrison and give the Rebels a precious moment to take down the shield and allow the Rebel Forces the opportunity to destroy the second and larger Death Star.

I started these small sketch cards as a way to continue doing Inktober as the Little Hercules drawings were taking up far too much of my time. They also let me play around with drawing sketch cards (something I have never actually done) and build up a portfolio of them for my portfolio. The other bonus is that I got to draw Star Wars and look and work from designs that are classic and amazing unto themselves. This kind of work helps me dissect character designs that already work and file them away in my mental visual library for the future… to figure out why those designs work and what about them I could use in my own work.

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