Inktober Day 9 – Tusken Raider

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Tatooine was a dangerous world for everyone who set foot on the miserable dry desert world, but of all the dangers few were more terrifying than the native population of Tusken Raiders. They moved silently, swiftly through the arid unpopulated areas of the planet and often raided the outlying villages and moisture farms to reap their anger and vengeance on the unsuspecting population. The only warning would be the #screech and howl one would hear only moments before they attacked.

This the one of the few pieces in this set of sketch cards that I hardly used any brush work. Most of this was done with Sakura Micron Pigma and PITT Artist Pens. As a child who grew up with the original Star Wars this design was always one of the most terrifying to me. I always loved the look and feel of the Sand People and wondered as I grew up and started to enjoy movies like Dune if the Sand People were meant to be Lucas or McQuarrie’s take on the Fremen.

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