So in an effort to be more productive I’m making Sunday’s my layout and thumbnail days. This works really well for me because it’s one of the few days when I have a few hours to just sit down and think with no distractions. Most days during the week I’m dealing with the day job and with trying to make art happen and if I don’t have an idea on paper in thumbnail form sometimes it delays my work and throws my week completely off balance. Sundays however give me that chance to relax, think about what things I want to draw, and look at things from different angles and take things down different paths.

So for starters I want to do a fun wide piece from my Moon Hunters series that can be used as promotional art as well as a print. This will probably be a piece I work on over a couple weeks in pieces rather than banging out in one or two days. But for starters I did a couple of thumbnails for the ideas I had. Both layouts were done at 6 inch x 3 inch size and show the main character (Lyria-Two Horns) in a hero pose, the forest land she calls home, and the village of the River Folk. One shows some of the other characters in the story, while the other has a much more dramatic pose. Both are great ideas but both convey different emotions and accomplish different things. Now in many cases I’d just choose the one I want to go with, but in this case I do like both. So I thought it might be fun to give you readers a chance to choose the next Moon Hunters print. It’s artwork you’ll probably see quite a bit from me so choose wisely.

Choose your favorite Moon Hunters thumbnail for me to draw.

For another project entirely that I’m working on with the ever amazing Russell Novelty, I did four thumbnails featuring the main character Atka from his Pixie Dust comic fighting a mountain troll. I know Russell likes action so I tried to infuse these with motion and energy. The challenge is that the mountain troll is big and lumbering, so he has weight behind his movement. At first I struggled with these (mostly because I wasn’t warmed up at the time) and after a bit they all fell into place. These thumbnails were drawn at a 2 inch x 3 inch size. I don’t like putting a ton of detail in at this point because I want the fun to happen in the pencils and inks. This part is just to get down the idea and energy of the piece.

Now in this case the thumbnail that I’ll be working on has already been chosen, but I thought it might be fun to see what you guys think nonetheless. So I’m adding a poll for your favorite on this one too. So tell me what you think!

Just for giggles which of these thumbnails is your favorite?

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