Want a Free Kindle Oasis?

by | Dec 4, 2017

No seriously.. FREE!

So I have a bunch of creator friends on Facebook. And we like doing crazy things like giving away free stuff. We got together and did something really crazy for the holidays! No seriously!

So, this is just amazingly cool. I mean I saw this thing and I was like… heck I want one. But alas, since I’m just one of a group of amazing people such as authors Russel Nohelty (Katrina Hates the Dead), RJ Blain (Playing with Fire), Devyn Jayse (Magic Runes), Kevin Joseph (Tart), Isra Sravenheart (Her Blackened Soul), Russell Newquist (War Demons), David Blake Lucarelli (Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade), Kristofor Harris (Respite), Rob Arnold (Replicator), Shane W. Smith (All The King’s Men), Jessica Schmidt (Echoes of Ashes), Angela J. Ford (The Five Warriors), Michael R. Martin (Blood and Dust), and Matt Harry (Sorcery for Beginners)…. we’ll – I – can’t win it. But still YOU COULD!

It’s a brand spanking new Kindle Oasis.. with a three year warranty.

So we all put together this amazing giveaway. Now one of you could win this cool amazing, awesome device. I know there are many of you on my list who are big digital readers and would love this thing. So check it out.

Simply click the link below.

Sign up.

And voilà – You’re entered to win.

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